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  • Capsule accumulator
    NXQSeries of gb is asahi capsule accumulator hydraulic structure is capsule accumulator,Due to its in energy savings,Stable pressure,Reduce energy consumption,To compensate the leakage has excellent characteristics,Thus in widely used in automobiles、Mechanical machine tool、The oil、Aerospace and other industries。Capsule accumulator is mainly using gas(As a general rule, be nitrogen)The compressibility of principle to energy storage...
  • Piston accumulator
    Piston accumulator belongs to a kind of hydraulic isolation type accumulator,Is an important auxiliary components of hydraulic system,The secondary power supply、Absorb the pulsation、Reduce the noise、Emergency power supply、Absorb hydraulic impact has a very significant role。The working principle of piston accumulator and hydraulic pneumatic isolation type accumulator,The main use of the compressibility of gas and liquid,At the time of big air pressure,Transforms the pressure of liquid gas...
  • Diaphragm type accumulator
    Is a kind of hydraulic pneumatic diaphragm accumulator system of energy storage device。Compared with similar products,The biggest characteristic of the diaphragm accumulator is more easily to carry weight,Easy installation easy to promote,High sensitivity,Simple structure easy maintenance,And low pressure pulse effect is remarkable,Therefore play an important role in every industry。Generally can be divided into welded diaphragm accumulator、Thread type two kinds。The welding type...
  • The working principle of the accumulator
    Accumulator is an accumulation of auxiliary hydraulic parts designed pressure liquid,The liquid is incompressible,The compressibility of the gas accumulator used to achieve the purpose of storing liquid,When the pressure increases,The oil into the accumulator which gas is compressed,When the pressure drop,Compressed gas expansion,Hydraulic oil into the loop......
  • Accumulator purposes
      The function of accumulator mainly have the following kinds:    A、Store energy   Accumulator is widely used in the auxiliary energy。On the one hand, stored by intermittent output of hydraulic oil pump,On the one hand release of intermittent load is greater than the flow of the fluid pump。So,The accumulator makes pump device such as a can realize miniaturization and save energy。       2、Suction...
  • The United StatesASMEThe accumulator
    The United StatesASMEStandard accumulator 1.Model description BA(TA) – ※ / ※ –※ – ※ Structural form:At the bottom of the accumulator:BA At the top of the accumulator:TA1、TA2 Volume:0.15~15gal The highest working pressure:3000PSI~5000PSI Connection mode:T—Threaded connections,F—Flange connection ...
  • The European UnionCEThe accumulator
    The European UnionCEStandard accumulator 1.Model description(CE: PEDRefers to this) NXQ □-□ / □-□-□ ① ②③ ④⑤⑥ ① Capsule accumulator ② Structural form: A:Small mouth;AB:Gulp ③ Nominal capacity:L L ④ Nominal pressure:MPa 10 ~ 31.5MPa ...
  • The isolation type accumulator
       1.Product overview   Storage tanks in gas storage mode to store energy。As the gas source of power,Or as an isolated type accumulator,Direct contact with the gas and liquid,In the hydraulic pressure、Pneumatic system in energy storage、Compensation hydraulic loss and stable pressure, and so on,The purpose is to increase oil discharge capacity,Reduce the pump power pile group。The isolation type accumulator has a large capacity、Function loss、To save energy、Accounted for...
  • Nitrogen charging car(Nitrogen pressurization device)
    CDZ-YType nitrogen charging car(Nitrogen pressurization device)By the hydraulic pressure station,Nitrogen gas pressurization system,The control system,Mobile car and so on four parts,The nitrogen charging system is the core。Usually nitrogen cylinder directly to energy storage when gas nitrogen charging,Its top(Nitrogen)For the pressure13.5MPa,If within the accumulator prefi lled nitrogen pressure more than required1...
  • Nitrogen charging car(Nitrogen pressurization device)
    CDZ-D1Type nitrogen charging car(Accumulator nitrogen charging device)By the hydraulic system、Pneumatic system and electrical system, etc,When the oil pressure by electromagnetic directional valve into the pressure cylinder,Push the piston movement,Start into the booster cylinder of nitrogen pressurization and the check valve、Pneumatic tools into the accumulator(Or in a high pressure vessel)。And through the limit switch...
  • Nitrogen charging car
    CDZs-D1Nitrogen filled the car type is applied to the hydraulic piston accumulator、Hydraulic capsule accumulator、Hydraulic diaphragm accumulator(Including import accumulator)And other filling the high pressure vessel、Pressurized nitrogen dedicated pressurization device。The name of the code:Nitrogen charging car;Pressure rating:25、35Mpa;The reversing:Electromagnetic reversing;Aeration capacity...
  • Accumulator capsules
    Accumulator capsule is also called the accumulator skins,Is an important part of the bag type accumulator,Usually made of rubber,Scalable,Used for storing compressed inert gas。In general,Will inject a certain pressure of nitrogen in the capsule,Outside the capsule is filled with hydraulic oil,The capsule will as the extrusion and deformation of hydraulic oil,Thus compressed nitrogen to grow...
  • The accumulator safety valve
    Accumulator as a safe ball valve is mainly used in hydraulic capsule accumulator safety cutoff and unloading accumulator accessories,Assembling between accumulator and hydraulic system,The relief valve to maintain the system pressure setting value,When pressure exceeds setting,The relief valve opens,Prevent the system from overload。Especially in the accumulator is indispensable in a closed system,In order to prevent...
  • Accumulator cut-off valve
    Accumulator globe valve is a capsule type hydraulic accumulator of one of the attachment,Mainly for safety cutoff and unloading,Also provides the convenience for maintenance and replacement。The main valve part structure of hydraulic balance valve cone type,With a small control torque、Reliable sealing etc。According to the connection points,Accumulator cut-off valve has a straight through、Right Angle and three-pass threaded connections...
  • Accumulator control valve group
    Accumulator control valve group is mainly installed between the accumulator and hydraulic system,By the globe valve、The relief valve and unloading valve and so on several parts,Mainly used for on-off control accumulator,The overflow and unloading, etc,Has the product structure is compact、The performance is strong、To connect many features such as flexible and easy operation。Unloading manual unloading and electromagnetic unloading the two。Control valve group...
  • Accumulator fixed components
    Properly installed,Is the normal operation of accumulator、Vital to play their role,When fixed accumulator,Can't keep the shell or joint plus pressure,Especially in the strong vibration、And horizontal installation1The capacity of the accumulator,You must use the fixed components。A complete set of accumulator installed components typically have a back wall plates、Clamp、Bracket、Rubber...
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      Ningbo asahi hydraulic co., LTD(The original of fenghua asahi hydraulic co., LTD)Located in the country5AStage scenery tourist area——Ningbo fenghua xikou town in zhejiang province,Founded in1978Years,Factory covers an area of15000Square meters,Is a professional design in China、Manufacturing hydraulic accumulator and hydraulic components and complete sets of hydraulic system of modern enterprise,Is the accumulator unit of national standards for participation,The China iron and steel association, member of metallurgical equipment accessories,At the same time is also the Chinese hydraulic pneumatic seal industry association member units。

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    What are the types of accumulator?
       The accumulator The main functions of divided into stored energy、Absorb hydraulic impact、Eliminate pulsation and recycle energy four categories。   The first category:Stored energy   This kind of function in the practical use and can be subdivided into:①As auxiliary power supply,Reduce the installed capacity...

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    What are the main capsule accumulator function?
       Capsule accumulator The main functions of divided into stored energy、Absorb hydraulic impact、Eliminate pulsation and recycle energy four categories:   A、Stored energy   This kind of function in the practical use and can be subdivided into:①As auxiliary power supply,Reduce the installed capacity...

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